Friday, 8 November 2013


Upon discussing our second version in our tutorial we concluded that we needed to re-think about our staging within our story. Since our animation is based on the birth of science we decided to focus more on the first act where the bird hatches. 

As a group we started to look at how a real bird hatches from the egg- it's a slow process in which the bird starts to peck the egg with its beak near the top and then pushes it's body outwards to stretch the egg open, to which it finally falls out at the top of the egg.
In our animation we want to really focus on this process, so instead of having a camera which revolves around the egg, we want it to be fairly steady.  

We also talked about the positioning of the nest and the bird itself - rather than showing the whole church at the end we discussed that it would probably be more suitable if we focused at the front of the church where the stain glass window would be positioned, in that sense it would be more symbolic and powerful it terms of its staging and it's meaning.
The camera still could pan downwards as it begins to take off, which would reveal the stain glass window and the alter and the bird flying through it.

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