Thursday, 14 November 2013

Environment Church - Model and UV

I have finally managed to get the church modelled and UV'd. 

 The Window took me a really long time, because trying to get the geometry to fit and not pinch was hard, i kept getting triangles and re-arranging the geometry took a while.

I used nDynamics for the first time for the altar, and I'm really happy with the result. The first few times didn't work, but then I increased the amount of faces and then it became smoother and looked more like cloth.

The process of UVing was long, however I got through it and got everything to map out well. As seen below.

The huge beam is only there for staging purposes, when we have the nest on there, we will use this beam so that we have a clear view of the window and the altar, and when the camera pans down, the will be a subtle cut and we will use the smaller beam so that the church looks in proportion.

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