Sunday, 13 October 2013

Influential Videos


When finalising our idea based on the transformation of a mechanical bird in a natural environment, we started to look at videos which might help us visualise different scenes for our final animation. This video involves long takes, and slow paced camera movements which creates a dramatic effect.  We all thought these aspects could be a nice touch, as our intention is for the audience to be moved by our short animation.


We all liked the idea about how mechanics vs nature was represented in this animation, and also the use of the low angles and the swaying camera movements when the mechanical animals were running through the forest. We also liked the use of sound - the soft music and sound effects, it creates a more touching finalised short.


The ambient flow of the music is quite spacial which compliments the flow of the animation itself. We want to achieve a well rounded combination of the two which sets the tone of our story.

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