Friday, 4 October 2013

Failed Plot Ideas

Renaissance Story Ideas
Basic Plot:

Plot 01:
Leonardo Da Vinci sets out to “build” the Vitruvian man, based on his painting and workings out by Vitruvis (c. 100 BC). He follows a checklist acquiring different body parts from different people, in a fit of rage. The rage is triggered by two things, he has a breakdown while drawing the Vitruvian man and takes his glasses off, and his eyes go “hazy”. The same emotion is then mirrored in the music which goes from calm to silence with a distinct heartbeat throughout. We then see him with an axe covered in blood with a few body parts on a table with the checklist next to them, with “items” ticked off, he also has his glasses back on. He then goes back to re-working on the Vitruvian man painting where he once again loses his mind and goes on another killing spree, this time we see all of the body parts on the table, checklist complete. There is a cut to a silhouette of the Vitruvian man, made in a Frankenstein-like way, when policemen come in to arrest him. His glasses fall off as we pan up to see the finished figure, as a shine of light emanates from behind, fading out to white.

Plot 02:
A darkened figure is hurrying around a workshop drawing and fixing together a sculpture; we see montages of papers being strewn across the room, tools, a pedestal, chains, and body parts. We are then shown some images of unwanted parts thrown onto a pile. People’s faces are shown in horror, implied murders, axe shown, no actual death is filmed. We then see him finishing the sculpture, but it is shielded from view, he is then arrested and dragged out of the workshop as the camera pans to the Vitruvian man, revealing the fact that the man is Leonardo Da Vinci. However we see the shadow of another person in view, as light emits from behind the Vitruvian Man

Plot 03:
When people used to drink whisky, they would use lead cups. The effect of the lead would sometimes knock the person out for days, and if found, doctors could not tell whether they were passed out, or dead so they would rest the body on the family table and hold a “wake” hoping the person would come around.

A man drinks so much he gets put into this state, and when his family put him on the table hoping he wakes, we see inside his mind as a drug trip is taking place until he finally wakes.
The ancients regarded lead as the father of all metals, but the deity they associated with the substance was Saturn, the ghoulish titan who devoured his own young. The very word "saturnine," in its most specific meaning, applies to an individual whose temperament has become uniformly gloomy, cynical, and taciturn as the results of lead intoxication.

Plot 04:

A Scientist is trying to figure out a cure for the smallpox disease in his workshop. He goes to the church to get permission to cut up bodies to find out how the virus kills, but he is denied access to them. As he leaves he is infected by someone with the disease, but is unaware. He then goes back to his workshop and starts to scratch and realizes he is infected, the will to live urges him to hurry up and find a cure, he works and works and manages to find the cure, but dies in his workshop before he can show his cure to the world. To stop the disease spreading, he is cremated and the final lamp is the flame from his body.

Plot 05:
Pedro awakes from his bed and is seen walking from his bed to the door. He attempts to put his hand on the knob however his hand falls straight through, he does it again but this time he falls straight through the door. He goes back to his room and realises his body is still laying bed, and makes him and the audience realise that he is having an out of body experience.

Pedro is seen slouching on a chair fed up. He is facing his coffin where his body lays. He notices the maid sneak in through the door and lift the top of the coffin upwards. He watches her while she sobs, and kisses his lips. The camera now focuses on his physical body in the coffin, when the maid finishes kissing him the maid looks down and notices he has an erection. 

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