Friday, 27 September 2013

Initial Research

For our collaboration projects we have been put into groups, our group is

George Nwosisi -
Nadia Yadallee -
and Myself, we are called WhiteSandStudio

We have been allocated the Renaissance Period, specifically the 15th Century. Through conversing with the group we have decided on focusing on the latter part of the century and have begun to do research on Leonardo Da Vinci and The Vitruvian Man.

This half hour documentary was a really good insight on how Da Vinci went around producing The Vitruvian Man and how accurate it actually is.

Da Vinci based, almost his entire work on The Vitruvian Man on Vitruvius' work on architecture, where he stated that to create true beauty within buildings, you have to have perfect symmetry. Da Vinci then expanded on this by trying to prove that humans have perfect symmetry, and are therefore perfect forms. 
One question that has been asked over and over again is a huge philosophical query, which is, if humans are perfect forms, is it mere coincidence, or is it made to fit the nature of numbers. 
The original book by Marcus Vitruvius Polo is below, The Ten Books on Architecture.

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